LGISD Dismissal Update

Thank you for your patience as we have addressed the initial challenges we faced during Elementary dismissal. We are continuing to improve the process daily, and appreciate your willingness to help us make the process better with each day. As a reminder, we have over 1,000 students being dismissed to 23 different pathways with over 100 staff members assisting.  Our goal is to complete this process within 20 minutes. In turn, there are many moving parts and we rely on parent communication and transportation scheduling to be accurate each day.  

Historically, phone calls, emails, text messages, and hand written notes were all being collected by various staff members, many times physically brought to the front office, and oftentimes communication did not get to the person or department it was intended to by the correct time or sometimes it was not received at all.  

Student safety is always our priority which led us to identify the need to use a centralized communication hub for daily transportation communications. During this process, our team reviewed various options available, and we selected Pikmykid as the single funnel for this critical communication between parents and the school. Pikmykid allows parents to actively update and monitor their child’s dismissal methods. This centralized system will help us get students to the dismissal location parents have selected. It is important that all parents have downloaded the app and use this tool to communicate transportation changes before 2:30pm daily.