Thank you for visiting the Technology page at La Grange ISD. Our mission is to discover, guide, plan, implement, and maintain technology needs for our students, teachers and staff. This includes computer and network hardware, mobile devices, as well as training and instructional technology.


Angie Eichler
Instructional Technologist 7 - 12

Tracy Knapik
Instructional Technologist PreK-6th

David Bennett 
Technology Coordinator

MiLisa Gaertner
IT Technician



The mission of technology at LGISD is to provide a meaningful, educational experience with the use of technology for the purpose of student learning. To that end, students are given the opportunity to access a wide array of educational information through the use of hardware, software, software services and Internet access.


Our district provides for end-user devices at all grade levels. These devices include tablets, laptops and desktops. The district currently has a total of over 1,300 devices for student use.

Students are given access to these devices through the use of mobile carts for laptops and tablets, as well as classroom computer labs and multi-use computer labs. We strive to maintain our hardware resources so that they are available for all staff and student use.

The district also permits students to possess personal devices. Our student code of conduct outlines the acceptable and appropriate use of these devices. Each parent and student is to read this section of our Student Code of Conduct to ensure they comply with our school policies on the use of personal devices.


The district utilizes software and software services for educational purposes. They range from accessing Google Apps for Education for several of the Google Apps, including email, drive storage, Google Classroom; learning programs such as iStation, Think Through Math; as well as accessing local resources through our Destiny library program; as well as many others. Our Instructional Technologists also play a key role in helping to lead our teachers and students in finding new and meaningful resources for learning through the use of technology.


The La Grange ISD maintains access to the Internet through the use of wired and wireless connections. Over the last two years, our district implemented a district and campus-wide goal of installing wireless access points so that mobile devices had access to network and Internet resources.