Student Transfers

Things to Know Before Applying

  • Transfer Applications must be submitted each year.

  • Applications and Guidelines for the 2024-2025 School Year will be available beginning April 3, 2024. Completed applications and the required supporting documents are due by May 31, 2024.

  • Required Supporting Documents

    • Students Records of Previous Discipline (i.e. Expulsion, DAEP Placement)

    • Records of Special Services Provided to the Student

    • Students Most Recent Report Card (High School Students - Transcript also)

    • Copy of Students Most Recent State Assessments

  • La Grange ISD does not provide transportation services to transfer students. Transportation will be the responsibility of the parents/guardians.

  • Transfers, if approved, are granted conditionally on students behavior, academic achievement, and attendance. Students who transfer into La Grange ISD must follow all rules and regulations of the district, including, but not limited to, district policies and regulations, the Student Code of Conduct, and academic and attendance expectations.  Failure to fulfill any of these responsibilities as described in FDA (LOCAL) will result in the revocation of the transfer agreement. With the passage of La Grange ISD’s 2023-2028 Local Innovation Plan, the Superintendent can at any time during the year revoke a students transfer if the student is assigned discipline consequences of suspension (in or out of school), placement in a disciplinary alternative program or expulsion. In addition, students not meeting the State's 90% attendance standard may also be subject to immediate revocation of the transfer status.



Out of District Transfer Information / Reason for Request

  1. Children of Nonresident Employees - Policy FDA (LOCAL) Children of nonresident La Grange ISD employees shall be eligible to attend district schools in accordance with FDA (LOCAL) and the provisions of the policy. Nonresident employees may enroll their children in La Grange ISD schools with no tuition charge.  Children of nonresident employees are subject to revocation of the transfer by the district as outlined in FDA (LOCAL)

  2. Nonresident Transfer - Policy FDA (LOCAL) Nonresidents may enroll their children in district schools according to the following stipulations:

    a. La Grange ISD will determine a maximum number of transfers that will be accepted each year.

    b. Each year, La Grange ISD will designate campuses that are available for enrollment of nonresident students based on campus capacity. In addition to serving those students who reside in the campus attendance zone, campus capacity is defined as accommodating additional students without incurring additional costs in the form of teachers or classrooms.

    c. La Grange ISD will assign a student to a school according to age and grade level of the student. Once assigned, the student shall be classified as a resident for the current school year.

    d. Transfer requests may be picked up beginning April 3rd for the next school year. The transfer form must be completed and submitted by May 31st in order to be considered for the following school year. Applicants will be notified of the district decision no later than July 12, 2024.

    Nonresident enrollment is guaranteed for one-year contingent on compliance with Policy FDA (LOCAL). The district reserves the right to discontinue this practice should it be determined that it is no longer economically feasible or that space is no longer available.

  3. Resident Students Who Become Nonresidents - Policy FDA (LOCAL) Resident students who become nonresidents during the course of a school year shall be permitted to continue in attendance for the remainder of the year provided that attendance, behavior, and academic expectations are met as described in FDA (LOCAL).  The transfer application form must be completed and approved by the La Grange ISD Board of Trustees.  Exception: Resident students who move permanent residence outside the La Grange ISD after February 1st, may continue enrollment through the remainder of the current school year without completing transfer application form.  The transfer for the remainder of the year creates no right or expectation for a transfer in subsequent years.    

  4. Nonresident Enrolling During School Year - Policy FDA (LOCAL) If a nonresident family has leased, purchased, or contracted to build a residence within La Grange ISD, with intent to move there, the student will be allowed to enroll in the school to which he/she would be assigned.  Construction must begin or the family must be in residence within 90 days of approval of the transfer.  Parents must provide documentation of the lease or contract with the application for transfer.  Transfer status is eliminated when the family becomes a resident of La Grange ISD. 

UIL Athletic Eligibility

  • An individual is eligible to participate in a League varsity athletic contest as a representative of a participant school if that individual meets UIL requirements (see the University Interscholastic League’s 2024-25 CONSTITUTION AND CONTEST RULES).

The Following Campuses will be Open for Transfers

  • La Grange High School

  • La Grange Middle School

  • La Grange Elementary School

Campuses/ Programs Closed to Transfers

  • All Self Contained Special Education Classes

  • Pre-Kindergarten Classes

For more information about the transfer process, contact Tina Huenefeld @ 979.968.7000 or