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Federal Programs Director


Aunt Bertha
Social Care Network-Search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more.

211 Texas
This website provides information and resources for assistance locating food, medical care, housing, and more in Texas.

AMEN Food Pantry
The La Grange Food Pantry provides a selection of fresh, frozen and non-perishable foods, depending on availability. There is no charge for any of its services.

Bilingual Education Program Benefits

English as a Second Language Program: Benefits for Your Child

English Language Proficiency Standards

Programa de educación bilingue: Beneficios para su hijo(a)

Programa de inglés como segundo idioma: Beneficios para su hijo(a)

Parents/Guardian Rights English

Derechos de los Padres/Tutores

Recursos en español

Region 20 Bilingual/ESL LPAC Information

Title III Parent, Family & Community Engagement Links

Texas Dyslexia Handbook
The Revised State Dyslexia Handbook is available for downloading by clicking on the above link for the English version. The Spanish version is currently being drafted, and will be uploaded as soon as it is finalized by TEA.

Texas English Language Learners Portal

Texas Homeless Education Office

Courso en Lina de Prestamos y Becas Estudiantiles


La Grange ISD offers the following Federal Programs:

  • Bilingual Program

  • ESL Program

  • Migrant

  • Homeless

  • Foster Care

  • Military Connected

  • Title IX

Annual Report on Federal Program 2022-23

Information regarding each program may be found by scrolling down or looking in the left column or by contacting Nicole Ramirez, Federal Programs Director, at 979-968-7000, ext. 7030.


The La Grange Elementary Annual Title I Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 21, 2023 at the La Grange Elementary, located at 315 S Jackson St, beginning at 5:15 pm.  The meeting will be held in conjunction with the La Grange Elementary PTO Meeting. If you cannot attend on September 21, the meeting information will be presented again on Tuesday, September 26, 2023 at 6:10pm in conjunction with the La Grange ISD Special Programs Night at the La Grange Elementary Campus.

The La Grange Middle School Annual Title I Meeting will be held on Monday, October 23, 2023 at the La Grange High School Library, located at 820 S Vail  St beginning at 5:00pm. The meeting will be held prior to the La Grange Middle School Leader In Me Family Night Event. If you cannot attend on October 23, the meeting information will be presented on Tuesday, September 26, 2023 at 6:10pm in conjunction with the La Grange ISD Special Programs Night at the La Grange Elementary Campus.

The purpose of the annual meetings is to discuss Title 1 programs at the La Grange Elementary and La Grange Middle School Campuses and to request feedback regarding these programs from parents.  Contact Nicole Ramirez, Director of Federal Programs at 979-968-7000 if you have any questions.

Notificación de la Reunión Anual del Título 1
La Reunión Anual del Título I de la Primaria de La Grange se llevará a cabo el jueves 21 de septiembre de 2023 en la Escuela Primaria La Grange, ubicada en 315 S Jackson St, comenzando a las 5:15 pm.  La reunión se llevará a cabo en conjunto con la reunión del PTO de La Grange Elementary. Si no puede asistir el 21 de septiembre, la información de la reunión se presentará nuevamente el martes 26 de septiembre de 2023 a las 6:10 p.m. en conjunto con la Noche de Programas Especiales de La Grange ISD en el Campus de la Primaria La Grange.

La Reunión Anual del Título I de La Grange Middle School se llevará a cabo el lunes 23 de octubre de 2023 en la Biblioteca de La Grange High School, ubicada en 820 S Vail St a partir de las 5:00 pm. La reunión se llevará a cabo antes del evento Leader In Me Family Night de La Grange Middle School. Si no puede asistir el 23 de octubre, la información de la reunión se presentará el martes 26 de septiembre de 2023 a las 6:10pm en conjunto con la Noche de Programas Especiales de La Grange ISD en el Campus de La Grange Elementary.

 El propósito de las reuniones es discutir los programas de Título 1 en La Grange Elementary y La Grange Middle School y solicitar comentarios con respecto a estos programas de los padres.  Comuníquese con Nicole Ramírez, Directora de Programas Federales al 979-968-7000 si tiene alguna pregunta.

Title I Meeting Slides Elementary
School & Parent Compact        English & Spanish
Parent & Family Engagement Policy     English     Spanish

Notice of Participation in Federal Programs

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LGISD Bilingual & ESL Program Information

2022-23 Bilingual & ESL Program Report, presented at LGISD Board Meeting on 9/18/2023

The Process for Serving English Learners in Texas


The Bilingual Program offered at La Grange ISD is based upon the Transitional/Early Exit Model. It is available for students who are identified as Limited English Proficient (LEP). The program provides the following:

  • Transitions students to English-only instruction over a period of time

  • Provides literacy instruction in Spanish

  • Offers instruction in English for social and academic language development

In La Grange, Math, Social Studies and Science are taught in English as indicated in the Bilingual Exception. Elective classes such as art, music and PE are also taught in English. The transition to ESL classes will occur when students enter grade 3.

For more information, please contact:

Bilingual Director: Nicole Ramirez 


ESL Coordinator: Nicole Ramirez

At La Grange ISD, the English as a Second Language program is as follows:

Gr. PreK - 8: English as a Second Language (ESL)
An English program that serves students identified as limited English proficient by providing a certified ESL teacher in either a pull out or content based model. In the pull out model, the teacher provides supplementary instruction for English Language Arts and Reading. All content areas receive supplementary instruction in a content based model. Students remain in a mainstream instructional arrangement for both programs.

Gr. 9-12: English as a Second Language (ESL) and Sheltered Instruction (SI)
Sheltered Instruction is teaching strategies used to serve students identified as limited English proficient by providing academic subject matter and linguistic assistance to English Language Learners in the form of visuals, modified texts, modified assignments, etc. The teacher makes classroom content comprehensible while students are developing English proficiency.


ADULT ESL (English as a Second Language) and High School Equivalency Exam (GED) Classes at the Norma Webb Center, La Grange ISD
In collaboration with Community Action, Inc of Central Texas, Classes will be held at the Norma Webb Center. Adult ESL and Adult GED Classes in English and Spanish are offered two nights a week, Mon/Wed from 6-8pm. All classes and services are for adults 19 years and older and are free. For more information, contact Dr. Glenda Rose, with Community Action, Inc of Central Texas(512-985-5169) Current Registration Information can be found at

ADULT ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes - Classes in La Grange at LGISD Norma Webb Center, located at 543 N Jackson Street. Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8pm contact Community Action Inc for more information:

The Schulenburg Campus of Blinn College offers the following ADULT classes:

GED (General Educational Development) Classes- A class offered to ADULTS (ages 18+) who did not attain their high school diploma. New students may join the class at any time. Meetings are held at the Schulenburg Public Library on Saturdays 9-11:45 am.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes - A class designed to assist foreign-born students with learning to speak and understand English. New students may join the class at any time. Class meets at the Blinn College-Schulenburg Campus on Wednesdays 5:30-8:00PM in Room 21. 

Adult ESL Class-Flatonia is offered at Sacred Heart church in Flatonia on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Classes are offered at no charge.



Liaison: Nicole Ramirez  979-968-7000, ext 7030

The McKinney-Vento Assistance Act

The McKinney-Vento Act (Section 725) specifies and protects the rights of children and youth in homeless situations. Highlights include:

  • Immediate Enrollment - The right to be enrolled immediately in school, without immunization or academic records, and birth certificate, regardless of district policy.

  • Transportation - Students in highly mobile or homeless situations are entitled to transportation to and from the school of origin, if it is feasible, in the student's best interest, and requested by the parent, guardian, or unaccompanied youth.

  • Services - Students experiencing homelessness are entitled to the same programs and services that are available to other children in the District, such as gifted and talented education, special education, vocational education, English Language Learner services, and tutoring. Students are automatically eligible for Title I services and Districts must set aside funds as necessary to provide services.



Foster Care

When children can't live safely at home and no appropriate non-custodial parent, relative, or close family friend is willing and able to care for them, the court can give temporary legal possession to CPS. CPS temporarily places these children in foster care. Foster care settings include:

  • Foster family homes

  • Foster family group homes

  • Residential group care facilities

  • Facilities overseen by another state agency

Foster care is meant to be temporary until a permanent living arrangement is found. However, it can become permanent usually when a foster parent adopts or accepts permanent managing conservatorship of a child.

Documents Needed to Enroll a Student in Foster Care

  • Birth Certificate or other proof of identity

  • Copy of previous school records

  • Proof of immunizations

  • Placement Authorization form (2085)

  • Copy of child’s school records

Military Connected

The Texas Education Agency recognizes the need to provide information about available resources to students, parents, and educators to assist with navigating transitions to new schools, communities, and repeated cycles of separation and reunion.

  • Texas ranks second in the nation for educating school-aged military-connected students, with nearly 200,000 identified military-connected students attending public and open-enrollment charter schools.

  • Public and open-enrollment charter schools have identified military-connected students in every school region of Texas.

  • Military-connected children move an average of 6-9 times during their K-12 education experience.

  • 30% of military-connected children are between the ages of 6 and 11 years old.

  • Children from military families are twice as likely as their civilian counterparts to serve in the Armed Forces as adults.

PreK Eligibility based on-Military or Armed Forces

TEA Military Family Resources

Title IX

La Grange ISD Title IX Coordinator: Superintendent Andy McHazlett.
Contact: PO Box 100 La Grange, TX 78945 979-968-7000

La Grange ISD's Title IX Administrator, Andy McHazlett, attended the Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Muñoz P.C.'s 2021 Title IX Boot Camp and 2021 Title IX Administrator Conference. Materials from this conference, in compliance with Section 106.45(b)(10)(i)(D) of the regulations, are available upon request.

All La Grange ISD employees complete the online Eduhero training "Sexual Harassment for Educators". This training module may be reviewed by contacting the District Title IX Coordinator.