Learning about Heat Energy in 2nd Grade Science!
2 days ago, Sandra Ellison
Chocolate Kiss Heat Energy experiment
Messy Heat Energy Experiment
Dressing up as our favorite book character for our Book-a-Thon….
2 days ago, Sandra Ellison
Dressing up as our favorite book character!
Dress Code Reminder: https://5il.co/10g1h
4 days ago, La Grange Elementary
Read-a-thon Book Character Day. We have The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors!
5 days ago, Courtney Tschatschula
Legend of Rock Paper Scissors
Center for Effective Schools Survey: Starting today, October 11th through November 19th, you will be able to access our school’s brief, 10-minute survey from the by going to the following link: https://surveys.panoramaed.com/esf/2021family/ Choose the school (La Grange Intermediate(La Grange ISD)) from a dropdown menu. Anything you share will be completely anonymous and can never be tied back to you. For more info: https://5il.co/10bt2
6 days ago, La Grange Elementary
Please join us in wearing BLUE Wednesday, Oct 13 for National Anti-Bullying Day!
9 days ago, Amber Barber
Wear Blue
2nd grade: Story time with an astronaut in space!
9 days ago, Misti Von Minden
Meet the Teacher Library Door Prize Winners!
10 days ago, The Hermes/ Intermediate Library
door prize winners
We ♥️ when we have visitors!
17 days ago, Kimberly Jobb
happy Thursday
2nd grader, Jack, completed Galaxy 1 &2 in Liftoff! Congrats! Keep up the hard work!
19 days ago, Lauren Almanza
Education Galaxy Star
5th grade Science taking a look at relative density. Is it magic?
19 days ago, Martin Smith
6th grade working together to finish a great first six weeks!
20 days ago, Kelsie Hrbacek
Students used a combination of science and math on Friday to “balance” equations! This activity was so much fun, and they had great conversations with their groups!
20 days ago, Katie Christen
Flashback Friday to Book Tasting! What a fun day to look at new books and genres!
20 days ago, Courtney Tschatschula
book tasting
book tasting
book tasting
Celebrating and learning about Constitution Day…s
20 days ago, Sandra Ellison
Celebrating Constitution Day
Celebrating and learning about Constitution Day
La Grange Independent School District is required to hold an annual meeting with parents. This meeting will be held at 5:00 pm on Monday, September 27, 2021 in the La Grange Elementary Cafeteria located at 631 E Milam, with the entrance and parking located off South Vail Street. We will follow social distancing practices at the meeting, and for those that are unable to attend in person, the meeting will be recorded and posted on the LGISD school website. More Info: https://5il.co/zb4i
27 days ago, La Grange Elementary
5th graders designed structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows for a STEM challenge!
about 1 month ago, Madison Oltmann
spaghetti structure
spaghetti structure
spaghetti structure
Super Scientists show off their scientific attire.
about 1 month ago, Sherry Schmidt
Happy Dot Day! 9/15/21
about 1 month ago, Brittni Keilers
Make Your Mark!
Recognizing Constitution Day (Sept. 17, 2021) in the La Grange Elementary Library.
about 1 month ago, The Hermes/ Intermediate Library
Hamilton books
books on display