The La Grange FFA is an extracurricular organization. This means that if you are enrolled in an ag science class you are not required to join this organization. It is however strongly recommended that you become a member and explore the opportunities offered.

The FFA is an agriculturally oriented organization which offers a number of activities to participate in during the school year. Some of the activities most commonly participated in include:

** Livestock Projects -- involves raising animals such as cattle, poultry, pigs, goats, rabbits, or sheep. These projects are then usually exhibited at livestock shows locally or across the state.

** Judging Contests -- involves the comparison and selection of livestock or poultry. Teams test

their skill against those from other schools at various fairs and contests.

** Leadership Training & Contests -- involves the ability to properly conduct meetings, present

speeches, and show a knowledge of the FFA.

** Fundraisers -- events which require the help of members to earn money for the FFA Chapter to

pay for planned activities and entry fees.

** Membership Fees -- there is a $25 membership fee required to be a member of the La Grange FFA. This fee gives you the privilege of participating in all FFA activities in accordance with school eligibility. You may join at the first announced meeting of the new school year.

** FFA Meetings -- you will be required to attend regular meetings when called during the school year. The date and times of these meetings will posted in school announcements and on flyers in hallways.

** Questions -- if you have any questions regarding the La Grange FFA please call and leave a message at (979) 968-4840. We will return your call as soon as possible.

We Are the FFA -- Intro Video


Welcome To The Classroom of -- Agricultural Science

All agricultural science classes are elective full year courses. The following information identifies the title of the course and some of the major topic areas studied within the course.

Each class is a full year course

AGSC 101 / 102 -- Intro to Ag & Applied Ag

  • Importance of Ag in the U.S.

  • General Knowledge of the FFA

  • Parliamentary Procedure or How to Conduct Meetings

  • Recordkeeping

  • Basic Plant Science

  • Basic Animal Science of Plant & Animal Products

  • Judging Training

  • Soil Science

  • Plant Science / Basic Horticulture

  • Animal Science (breeds & production)

  • Processing, Grading & Marketing

AGSC 332-H -- Advanced Animal Science

  • General Livestock Management

  • Livestock Body Systems

  • Skeletal & Muscular

  • Circulatory, Respiratory, & Nervous

  • Digestive (Feeds & Feeding)

  • Endocrine & Reproductive

  • Gestation & Parturition

  • Surgical Methods & Procedures

  • Diseases & Parasites

AGSC 361 -- Landscaping

  • Steps of the Landscaping Process

  • Principles of Landscape Design

  • Client Interviews & Base Maps

  • Scaling & Symbolism

  • Landscape Structure ID

  • Construction Methods

  • Landscape Plant ID

  • Landscape Install & Maintenance

  • Project Budgets

  • Final Design Projects

AGSC 381 -- Wildlife Management

  • Benefits & History of Wildlife in the U.S.

  • Federal & State Agencies

  • Federal & State Wildlife Law

  • Hunter / Outdoor Education & Safety

  • Freshwater & Saltwater Fish

  • Fish ID

  • Fish Biology

  • Fish Management

  • Bird ID, Biology & Management

  • Migratory Waterfowl & Gamebirds

  • Upland Gamebirds

  • Avian Predators

  • Songbirds

  • Whitetail Deer Biology & Management

  • Game & Non-Game Animal ID, Biology & Management