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La Grange ISD provides students with access to instructional materials, including print and digital texts. The district is equally committed to honoring every student's first amendment right to inquiry into a diverse array of topics and parents' rights to help their children choose their level of exposure to various texts.

role as a parent

Image used with permission from Denton ISD, 11-8-23

how do librarians choose books infographic


No longer using those books? You can drop them off in the elementary office. We'll be happy to find good uses for them. We also take old crayons and crafting supplies!

Please note: All book donations must meet the LGISD book selection criteria to be used in the library, classroom libraries, or to be handed out as prizes to students. Books which we cannot use will be donated to another library or charity organization.


We also have an Amazon wishlist for the library (click on the image). This helps us with our maker space supplies and with special book purchases.

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