Good Morning 4th-6th Grade Parents, 

 Starting today, Monday,11/30 the walkway between the PAC and 5th/6th-grade hall will be closed for the installation of a new gate and canopy. The driveway will remain open.

The 4th-6th grade pick-up/drop-off to be moved to the 'triangle' corner of the building starting the afternoon on Monday, 11/30.  The work is expected to take a week and then we will resume the normal pick-up/drop-off location (for this week the green check box is the relocated student area as shown in the photo). 

 A Few Reminders: 

-Do NOT enter the bus driveway, exit onto Vail Street only 

-Be mindful of construction workers and equipment in the area.  

-A driving lane will be made available for 4th-6th grade student pick-up/drop-off (this may include keeping the staff parking blocked off to allow for more driveway room).

 Should you have any questions, please contact Sharon Muzny at 979-968-7000 or any La Grange Elementary School Administrator.