Welcome to the School Bus Transportation page. This page is to give information our transportation system at the school district. Our system currently operates a total of 17 bus routes.

Student Policies

The following policies apply to all students riding on a school bus.

  • All passengers must remain seated at all times.
  • All passengers must follow the direction of the school bus driver.
  • Passengers are not allowed to place arms, legs, etc outside of the window of the school bus.
  • Students may not eat on route buses. Water is allowed.

To see a list of bus routes and the general areas each bus travels within the district, please click "LGISD Bus Routes".

For emergencies regarding school bus transportation, please call the your child's campus office.

  • High School: 968-4800
  • Middle School: 968-4747
  • Intermediate School: 968-4700
  • Hermes Elementary School: 968-4100

Additional contact numbers:

  • Bus Shop: 979-968-7020
  • La Grange ISD: 979-968-7000