La Grange High School

     Leopardette Drill team 

Citlalli Barcenas

Belen Cerda - Sr. Social Officer

Lexie Havelka - Colonel

Kylee Kelley

Ja'Rie Logan - Jr. Social Officer

Tiyonna Washington

2019-2020 Leopardettes

2019-2020 Leopardette Drill Team

From left to right: Kylee Kelley, Ja'Rie Logan - Jr. Social Officer, Lexie Havelka - Colonel, Belen Cerda - Sr. Social Officer, Tiyonna Washington, Citlalli Barcenas, Kendall Baker - Manager


Leopard Fight Song

And when the dear old Leopards fall in line,
We'll win this game again another time,
And for the Leopards we will yell and yell.
And for the the Leopards we will yell and yell and yell,
And we will fight, fight, fight, for every yard,
We'll circle in and hit that line so hard,
That we'll roll old _________,
in the sod, in the sod, Rah! Rah!
Fight! Fight! Fight!

School Song

We pledge dear Alma Mater,
To wear your purple and gold.
To defend your name and banner,
As students did of old
As our band plays on the side lines
And our team fights on the field,
The spirit of your followers will never let you yield.
In all of life's great struggles
That any of us may face
We pledge the same devotion
to bring you honor and grace.